Sunday, March 30, 2008


Last week it was Easter.

For this occasion in Germany the tradition says that the chickens produces a lot of eggs and the bunnies paint them colorfully and hide them in the Gardens, where we can find them (if we are lucky).

So, in Germany, for Easter, we hide and eat real colored eggs and also a lot of chocolates in form of bunnies, chickens and eggs.

In France there is the same tradition for the chocolates, but instead of bunnies, church bells hide them in the gardens. (I never understood how bells can do such a thing...)

As it was very rainy last week, Jean-Philippe (sorry, the bells of course) hide some chocolates for me in the appartement. As you can see there were a lot of different formes of chocolate and also a japanese carp! Since chocolates came from Belgium, they were very delicious!


Anonymous Kyoko said...

Hi Cordula,

How cute the chocolates are!
Is the Japanese carp a chocolate, too?
I like the duck one :D

Well, did you make the bunnie doll and the sheep(?) doll which hold the eggs in their pockets?

3:29 AM  

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